Finnish soapstone products

Kivistone is a collection of beautiful products carved from Finnish soapstone. Each of these items is uniquely designed for house interiors, household use and for personal or corporate gifts. You will find vast of very interesting concept and designs made from soapstone.
About soapstone
Soapstone is a soft metamorphic rock which is high in talc content. For centuries, it is the most common material used by artisans for sculptures, cooking slabs and bowls. It is widely used for inlaid designs, artistic pieces and as a heating appliance material. Soapstone significantly stores hot or cold temperature that makes it feasible for drink coolers, sizzling plates and pizza stones.

Finland is one of the biggest suppliers of soapstone in the world. Most heating masonry for fireplaces used soapstone as prime material. The use of soapstone kept evolving. Evidently, most sauna heater manufacturing companies in Finland, like SAWO, designed some of their electric sauna heaters with soapstone.

Soapstone when scratched is easy to renew its vigor. Just buff it with very fine surfaced sandpaper and it will look brand new again. You may also wipe it with a mineral oil to make it look dark and chic.

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