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Welcome to KiviStone

Manufacturer of soapstone products and gift items

KiviStone’s beautifully carved soapstone items decorate your home and make unique personal or business gifts. Soapstone facade feels soft yet it is very dense. Since it is impenetrable its beauty will last for generations.

Soapstone is 100 % non-porous meaning it is completely prevented from stains.
Having superb ability to absorb heat and cold soapstone is ideal kitchenware to keep food and drinks cool or hot.

KiviStone is owned and managed by Finns making Kivi-Stone timeless design one of a kind the way world has come to known Finnish artwork.
Soapstone Candle Holders
Fire and stone; two nature’s fundamental elements are put together, creating a harmonious blend. Whether the occasion is official or festive KiviStone candle holders won’t be left unnoticed.
Soapstone Scent Basin
Enjoy relaxing and vitalizing effect of aromatic oils. Light a candle put scented oil in the basin and loosen up.
Soapstone Coolers
Put KiviStone cooler in the freezer for a few moments. Take it out and place your drinks or wine on it to keep them cool for hours.
Soapstone Photo Frame
Save your memories in the stone. Place photos of your loved ones and memorable moments in the timeless and everlasting frames they deserve.

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Soapstone also known as steatite or soaprock was born in extreme heat and pressure some 2,5 billion years ago. Today soapstone can be found in small deposits worldwide but Finland and Brazil are the largest international producers of soapstone. All KiviStone material comes from Finnish wilderness.
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